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OnCommand Insight

Adding a Fibre Channel device manually


You can manually add a Fibre Channel device to OnCommand Insight using the manual add feature available in the Device resolution FC Identify tab. This process might be used for pre-identification of a device that is expected to be discovered in the future.

Before you begin

To successfully add a device identification to the system you need to know the WWN or IP address and the device name.

About this task

You can add a Host, Storage, Tape or Unknown Fibre Channel device manually.


  1. Log in to the Insight web UI

  2. Click Manage > Device resolution

  3. Click the FC Identify tab.

  4. Click the add button.

    The Add Device dialog is displayed

  5. Enter the WWN or IP address, the device name, and select the device type.


The device you enter is added to the list of devices in the FC Identify tab. The “Rule” is identified as Manual.