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OnCommand Insight

ServiceNow integration - Set up user


You must set up a ServiceNow user for Insight to connect with and synchronize data.

About this task


  1. Create a services account in ServiceNow. Login to ServiceNow and navigate to system security > users and groups > users. Click on New.

  2. Enter a user name. In this example, we will use “OCI2SNOW” as our integration user. Enter a password for this user.


    In this How-to we use a services account user named “OCI2SNOW”`" across the documentation. You may use a different services account, but be sure it is consistent across your environment.

  3. Right-click on the menu bar and click Save. This will allow you to stay on this user in order to add roles.

  4. Click Edit and add the following roles to this user:

    • asset

    • import_transformer

    • rest_service

  5. Click Save.

  6. This same user must be added to OnCommand Insight. Log in to Insight as a user with Administrator permissions.

  7. Navigate to Admin > Setup and click on the Users tab.

  8. Click the Actions button and select Add user.

  9. For name, enter “OCI2SNOW”. If you used a different user name above, enter that name here. Enter the same password you used for the ServiceNow user above. You may leave the email field blank.

  10. Assign this user the User role. Click Save.