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OnCommand Insight

Updating expired licenses


If one or more of your Insight licenses expired, you can update the licenses quickly using the same procedure as you did to install the licenses originally.


  1. In a text editor, such as Notepad, open the new license file you received from NetApp Support and copy the license key text to your Windows Clipboard.

  2. Open OnCommand Insight in your browser.

  3. Click on Admin on the toolbar.

  4. Click Setup.

  5. Click the Licenses tab.

  6. Click Update License.

  7. Copy the license key text into the License text box.

  8. Select the Update (most common) operation.

    This operation adds your new licenses to any currently active Insight licenses.

  9. Click Save.

  10. If you are using the Insight consumption licensing model, you must check the box to Enable sending usage information to NetApp in the usage section. Proxy must be properly configured and enabled for your environment.