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OnCommand Insight

Configuring your email for Insight


If your users want to receive Insight reports in their email accounts, you need to configure your email server to enable this feature.


  1. On the Insight toolbar, click Admin and select Notifications.

  2. Scroll down to the Email section of the page.

  3. In the Server box, enter the name of your SMTP server in your organization, which is identified using either a hostname or an IP address (nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn format).

    If you specify a hostname, ensure that the name can be resolved through DNS.

  4. In the User name box, enter your user name.

  5. In the Password box, enter the password for accessing the email server, which is required only if your SMTP server is password-protected. This is the same password that you use to log into the application that lets you read your email. If a password is required, you must enter it a second time for verification.

  6. In the Sender email box, enter the sender email account that will be identified as the sender on all OnCommand Insight reports.

    This account must be a valid email account within your organization.

  7. In the Email signature box, enter the text that you want to be inserted in every email that is sent.

  8. In the Recipients box, click add email recipient icon, enter an email address, and click OK.

    To edit an email address, select the address, and click edit recipient icon. To delete an email address, select the address, and click delete recipient icon.

  9. To send a test email to specified recipients, click test email icon.

  10. Click Save.