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OnCommand Insight

Importing data sources from a spreadsheet


You can import multiple data sources into OnCommand Insight from a spreadsheet. This might be helpful if you already maintain your discovery devices in a spreadsheet. This process adds new data sources, but cannot be used to update existing data sources.

About this task

OnCommand Insight includes a spreadsheet to help you create data sources. This spreadsheet has the following attributes:

  • The spreadsheet can be used with Microsoft Excel 2003 or later.

  • Each tab holds one data source type, for example, Brocade SSH/CLI.

  • Each row represents an instance of a new data source to be created.

The spreadsheet includes a macro that creates a new data source in OnCommand Insight.


  1. Locate the spreadsheet in the <install_directory>/SANscreen/acq/bin/acqcli/

  2. In the spreadsheet, enter data source information in the cells with color.

  3. Delete empty rows.

  4. From the spreadsheet, run the CreateDataSources macro to create the data sources.

  5. When prompted for credentials, enter the OnCommand Insight Server administration user name and password.

    The results are logged in the acquisition log.

  6. A prompt asks if the machine currently running the macro has OnCommand Insight installed.

    Select one of the following:

    • No: Select "No" if a batch file will be created that must be run on the OnCommand Insight machine. Run this batch file from the install directory.

    • Yes: Select "Yes" if OnCommand Insight is already installed and no additional steps are required to generate the data source information.

  7. To verify the addition of the data sources, open Insight in your browser.

  8. On the Insight toolbar, click Admin.

  9. Check the Data sources list for the data sources you imported.