OnCommand Insight

Submitting an online technical support request


If you have problems with the Insight installation, as a registered support customer, you can submit an online technical support request.

Before you begin

Using your corporate email address, you must register as a support customer to obtain online support services. Registration is performed through the support site (http://support.netapp.com).

About this task

To assist customer support in solving the installation problem, you should gather as much information as possible, including these items:

  • Insight serial number

  • Description of the problem

  • All Insight log files

  • Screen capture of any error messages


  1. Create a .zip file of the information you gathered to create a troubleshooting package.

  2. Log in to the support site at mysupport.netapp.com and select Technical Assistance.

  3. Click Open a Case.

  4. Follow the instructions to your package of data.

After you finish

You can use Check Case Status on the Technical Assistance page to follow your request.