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OnCommand Insight

Best Practice: finding the right metric


OnCommand Insight acquires counters and metrics using names that sometimes differ from data source to data source.

When searching for the right metric or counter for your dashboard widget, keep in mind that the metric you want could be under a different name from the one you are thinking of. While drop-down lists in OnCommand Insight are usually alphabetical, sometimes a term may not show up in the list where you think it should. For example, terms like "raw capacity" and "used capacity" do not appear together in most lists.

Best practice: Use the search feature in fields such as Filter by or places like the column selector column picker button to find what you are looking for. For example, searching for "cap" will show all metrics with "capacity" in their names, no matter where it occurs. You can then easily select the metrics you want from that short list.

Here are a few alternative phrases you can try when searching for metrics:

When you want to find:

Try also searching for:




Used capacityRaw capacity

Provisioned capacity

Storage pools capacity

<other asset type> capacity

Written capacity

Disk Speed

Lowest disk speedLeast performing disk type




HostIs hypervisor




AliasHypervisor name

Storage name

<other asset type> name

Simple name

Resource name

Fabric Alias

Read / Write

Partial R/WPending writes

IOPS - Write

Written capacity

Latency - Read

Cache utilization - read

Virtual Machine

VMIs virtual

This is not a comprehensive list. These are examples of possible search terms only.