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OnCommand Insight

Installation prerequisites

Contributors netapp-alavoie

Before you install OnCommand Insight, you must download the current software version, acquire the appropriate license, and set up your environment.

Before installing OnCommand Insight, ensure that you have the following:

  • OnCommand Insight software files in the downloaded installation package for the current version

  • A license to operate the downloaded OnCommand Insight version

  • The minimum hardware and software environment

    The current product might consume additional hardware resources (due to enhanced OnCommand Insight product functionality) that were not consumed with earlier versions of the OnCommand Insight product.

  • A deployment plan that includes the hardware and network configurations for the OnCommand Insight Server, Data Warehouse and Reporting, and remote acquisition units.

  • Java 8 for the OnCommand Insight Java UI.

    Note OnCommand Insight includes a paid Oracle license for Java SE 8. Customers do not have to buy any additional Java SE 8 licenses. This license covers use of Java SE 8 with all OCI components. Please refer to the Notices page for specific details.