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OnCommand Insight

Using the Topology section


The Topology section enables you to view how the assets in your network are connected to each other and display information about related assets.


  1. Log in to the OnCommand Insight web UI.

  2. Locate an asset page by doing either of the following:

    • On the Insight toolbar, click icon sanscreen magnifying glass gif, type in the name of the asset, and then select the asset from the list.

    • Click Dashboards, select Assets Dashboard, locate an asset name, and click it. The asset page displays. You can find the Topology section in the upper right-hand corner of the asset page.

    If the topology for the asset is larger than will fit in the section, click the Click link to see the topology hyperlink.

  3. To view more information about the base asset's related assets, position your cursor over a related asset in the topology and click its name, which displays its asset page.