Querying and annotating data centers

You use queries to associate your annotations with the appropriate assets in your environment. In this example, we will associate Data Center annotations with selected assets.

During data source acquisition, Insight gathers (among other information) the names of each asset it discovers. For this example, we will assume that all of your storage arrays have been named according to the data center in which they reside, such as “SVL_NN_<label>” for arrays residing in Sunnyvale. Insight queries make annotating these assets simple.

  • Log in to Insight as a user with administrative permissions

  • Select Queries > +New Query

  • Drop down the Search for…​ field and select Storage. A list of all of your storage arrays is displayed.

  • In the Name filter field, type “SVL” and click the check box ok button (or press Enter). The query results list is now updated to show only those arrays that contain the string “SVL”.

  • When filtering, you can use any of the following characters alone or combined to refine your search in any text box on the Query page:

    • An asterisk enables you to search for everything. For example, “vol*rhel” displays assets that start with “vol” and end with “rhel”.

    • The question mark enables you to search for a specific number of characters. For example, filtering for “SVL-PRD??-S12” displays SVL-PRD12-S12, SVL-PRD13-S12, and so on.

    • The OR operator enables you to specify multiple entities. For example, “FAS2240 OR CX600 OR FAS3270” finds multiple storage models.

  • Select the storage arrays you wish to associate with this data center. When all of your desired arrays are selected, click the Actions button and select Edit annotation.

  • In the Add Annotation dialog, select the Data Center annotation.

  • Choose the desired Value, for example, “DC1_SVL”.

  • Click Save.

  • If the Data Center column is not visible on the Query results page, select it by dropping down the Columns button and choosing Data Center.

  • If desired, you can save the query for future use by clicking the Save button in the upper right corner of the Query page and giving it a unique and explicit name. For example, “Storage Arrays - SVL data center”.

If you wish to associate the “SVL” annotation with other assets, create a new query and follow these steps for each asset type you desire.

Repeat these steps for assets in each of your data centers.