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OnCommand Insight

Managing patches


You can review the current status of all of the data source patches being applied to your network. If you want to perform an action on a patch, you can click the linked name in the Patches currently under review table.

Before you begin

You must have already uploaded and be installing at least one patch.


  1. On the Insight toolbar, click Admin.

  2. Click Patches.

    If no patches are being installed, the table of Patches currently under review is empty.

  3. In Patches currently under review, check the status of the data source patches currently being applied.

  4. To examine the details associated with a specific patch, click the linked name of the patch.

  5. For the selected patch, you might click any of these options to perform the next action on the patch:

    • Approve patch commits the patch to the data sources.

    • Rollback removes the patch.

    • Replace patch enables you to select a different patch for those data sources.