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OnCommand Insight

Displaying annotation changes in the database schema


The database schema reflects the changes in the specific table.

About this task

For example, if you add annotations to a storage array, they appear in the storage or switch table in the inventory or other data marts.

If you update the annotations on resources using the OnCommand Insight user interface and initiate or wait for the next Data Warehouse build, you see a new column added or removed in the corresponding object in inventory (dwh_inventory) and in the corresponding dimension table as well (in the appropriate data mart). You see the results in the following tables:

  • dwh_inventory.annotation_value

  • dwh_inventory.object_to_annotation


  1. Click oci 7 help icon gif on the Data Warehouse tool bar and select Documentation.

  2. Select Database Schema.

  3. In the Database Schema pane on the left, scroll to the DWH_INVENTORY section and click switch.

    DWH Inventory database schema switch table
  4. The dwh_inventory.switch table reflects the changes:

    DWH Capacity database schema storage dimension table

    The dataCenter annotation column appears in the storage_dimensions table.