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Content of the new_disk_models.txt file


The new_disk_models.txt file has required and optional fields. The fields are comma separated, so do not use commas within the fields.

All fields are required except for seek time, transfer rates and additional_info. If available, include the vendor/model website link in the additional_info field.

Using a text editor, enter the following information in this order, separated by commas, for each new disk model you wish to add:

  1. key: use the model number (required)

  2. vendor: name (required)

  3. model number: full number (usually the same value as in "key") (required)

  4. rpm of the disk: for example 10000 or 15000 (required)

  5. size: capacity in GB (required)

  6. interface type: ATA, SATA, FC, SAS, FATA, SSD, OTHER (required)

  7. seek time: in ms (optional)

  8. potential transfer rate: the potential transfer rate in MB/sec. Maximum transfer rate of the disk itself. (optional)

  9. interface transfer rate: the rate to and from the host in MB/sec (optional).

  10. Additional Info: Any additional information you want to capture. Best practice is to enter the link to the vendor page where the specs are found, for reference (optional)

For any optional fields left blank, be sure to include the comma.

Examples (each on one line with no spaces):