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OnCommand Insight

Types of asset pages


Asset pages summarize the current status of an asset and contain links to additional information about the asset and its related assets.

OnCommand Insight provides asset pages for the following assets:

  • Virtual machine

  • Volume

  • Internal volume

  • Physical host

  • Storage pool

  • Storage

  • Datastore

  • Hypervisor

  • Application

  • Storage node

  • Qtree

  • Disk

  • VMDK

  • Port

  • Switch

  • Fabric

  • Object storage (for example, Atmos, Centera, Amazon S3)

  • Zone

Mapping and Masking information can be viewed in tables on Zone, Volume, VM, and Host/Hypervisor asset pages.


Summary information is available for object storage assets; however, you can only access this information from the Data sources detail page.