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OnCommand Insight

Researching a failed data source


If a data source has the "Inventory failed !" or "Performance failed !" message and a High or Medium Impact, you need to research this problem using the data source summary page with its linked information.


  1. Click the linked Name of the data source to open the Summary page.

  2. On the Summary page, check the Comments area to read any notes left by another engineer who might also be investigating this failure.

  3. Note any performance messages.

  4. If there is a patch being applied to this data source, click link to check the patch page to see if that has caused the problem.

  5. Move your mouse pointer over the segments of the Event timeline graph to display additional information.

  6. Select an error message for a Device and displayed below the Event timeline and click the Error details icon that displays to the right of the message.

    The Error details include the text of the error message, most likely causes, information in use, and suggestions of what can be tried to correct the problem.

  7. In the Devices reported by this data source area, you might filter the list to display only devices of interest, and you can click the linked Name of a device to display the asset page for that device.

  8. To return to previously displayed pages, use one of these techniques:

    • Click the browser back arrow.

    • Right-click the back arrow to display a list of the pages and select the page you want.

  9. To display detailed information about other resources, click other linked names.

  10. When you return to the data source summary page, check the Changes area at the bottom of the page to see if recent changes caused the problem.