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OnCommand Insight

Adding data sources


You can add data sources quickly, using the Add data source dialog box.


  1. Open OnCommand Insight in your browser and log in as a user with administrative permissions.

  2. Select Admin and choose Data sources.

  3. Click the +Add button.

    The Add data source wizard opens.

  4. In the Settings section, enter the following information:




    Enter a unique network name for this data source. NOTE: only letters, numbers and the underscore (_) character are allowed in the data source name.


    Choose the vendor of the data source from the drop-down.


    Choose the model of the data source from the drop-down.

    Where to run

    Choose Local, or you may choose a remote acquisition unit if RAU's are configured in your environment.

    What to collect

    For most data sources, these options will be Inventory and Performance. Inventory is always selected by default and cannot be un-selected. Note that some data sources may have different options. The collection options you select change the available fields in the Configuration and Advanced configuration sections.

  5. Click the Configuration link and enter the basic setup information required for the data source with your selected data collection type.

  6. If this type of data source usually requires more detailed information to set it up in your network, click the Advanced configuration link to enter additional information.

  7. For details about configuration or advanced configuration information required or available for your specific data source, see the Vendor-specific data source reference.

  8. Click the Test link to be certain that the data source is properly configured.

  9. Click Save.