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OnCommand Insight

Installing your Insight licenses


After you receive the license file containing the Insight license keys from NetApp, you can use the setup features to install all of your licenses at the same time.

About this task

Insight license keys are stored in a .txt or .lcn file.


  1. Open the license file in a text editor and copy the text.

  2. Open Insight in your browser.

  3. On the Insight toolbar, click Admin.

  4. Click Setup.

  5. Click the Licenses tab.

  6. Click Update License.

  7. Copy the license key text into the License text box.

  8. Select the Update (most common) operation.

  9. Click Save.

  10. If you are using the Insight consumption licensing model, you must check the box to Enable sending usage information to NetApp in the Send usage information section. Proxy must be properly configured and enabled for your environment.

After you finish

After installing the licenses, you can perform these configuration tasks:

  • Configure data sources.

  • Create OnCommand Insight user accounts.