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OnCommand Insight

Installing data source patches


If applicable, you should install the latest patches available for your data sources to take advantage of the latest features and enhancements. After uploading a data source patch, you can install it on all of the data sources of the same type.

Before you begin

You must have contacted technical support and obtained the .zip file that contains the latest data source patches by providing them with the version you are upgrading from and the version you want to upgrade to.


  1. Place the patch file on the Insight server.

  2. On the Insight toolbar, click Admin.

  3. Click Patches.

  4. From the Actions button, select Apply patch.

  5. In the Apply data source patch dialog box, click Browse to locate the uploaded patch file.

  6. Review the Patch name, Description, and Impacted data source types.

  7. If the selected patch is correct, click Apply Patch.

    All data sources of the same type are updated with this patch. Insight automatically forces acquisition to restart when you add a data source. Discovery includes the detection of changes in network topology including the addition or deletion of nodes or interfaces.

  8. To force the discovery process manually, click Data Sources and click Poll Again next to the data source to force it to collect data immediately.

    If the data source is already in an acquisition process, Insight ignores the poll again request.