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QLogic FC Switch data source


For configuration, the QLogic FC Switch (SNMP) data source requires the network address for the FC Switch device, specified as an IP address, and an SNMP read-only community string used to access the device.




SANSurfer Switch

IP address or fully-qualified domain name for the SANSurfer switch

SNMP version

SNMP version

SNMP community

SNMP Community String

User Name

User name for the SANSurfer switch


Password for the SANSurfer switch

Advanced configuration



Inventory Poll Interval (min)

Interval between inventory polls (default 15 minutes)

SNMP Auth Protocol

SNMP authentication protocol (SNMPv3 only)

SNMP Retries

Number of SNMP retry attempts

SNMP Timeout (ms)

SNMP timeout (default 5000 ms)

Enable Trapping

Select to enable trapping

Minimum Time Between Traps (sec)

Minimum time between acquisition attempts triggered by traps (default 10 seconds)

Fabric Name

Fabric name to be reported by the data source. Leave blank to report the fabric name as WWN.

Performance Poll Interval (sec)

Interval between performance polls (default 300 seconds)