SnapLock Clock commands

Manages ComplianceClock of nodes

The snaplock compliance-clock manages the ComplianceClock of the system. ComplianceClock determines the expiry time of the SnapLock objects in the system. ComplianceClock can be initialized only once by the user and once it is set, it cannot be changed or altered by the user. There are two types of ComplianceClocks in the system:

System ComplianceClock (SCC) is maintained per node. SCC is used to update the Volume ComplianceClock and to provide a base value for Volume ComplianceClock for new SnapLock volumes. The SCC is initialized once by the user and takes the initial base value from the system clock. snaplock compliance-clock show can be used to check the value of the System ComplianceClock.

Volume ComplianceClock (VCC) is maintained per volume and is used as the time reference to calculate the expiry time of SnapLock objects in the SnapLock volume, such as files and the expiry date of the volume. volume snaplock show can be used to check the value of the Volume ComplianceClock.