network ipspace show

Display IPspace information

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


Display network IPspaces.


{ [-fields <fieldname>, ...]
Specify the fields to be displayed for each IPspace.
| [-instance ]}
Display all parameters of the IPspace objects.
[-ipspace <IPspace>] - IPspace name
Display the names of the IPspaces.
[-ports <<node>:<port>>, ...] - Ports
The list of network ports assigned to each IPspace.
[-broadcast-domains <Broadcast Domain>, ...] - Broadcast Domains
The list of broadcast domains that belong to the IPspace.
[-vservers <vserver name>, ...] - Vservers
The list of Vservers assigned to each IPspace.


The following example displays general information about IPspaces.

cluster1::> network ipspace show
IPspace             Vserver List                  Broadcast Domains
------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------
                    Cluster                       -
                    cluster1, vs1, vs2            br1, br2, br3
2 entries were displayed.