statistics settings modify

Modify settings for the statistics commands

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the advanced privilege level.


This command modifies the settings for all of the statistics commands.


[-display-rates {true|false}] - Display Rates
Specifies whether the statistics commands display rate counters in rates/second. The default is true.
[-client-stats {enabled|disabled}] - Collect Per-Client Statistics
Specifies whether statistics commands display per-client information. The default is disabled.
Note: If you enable this setting, you might significantly impact system performance.
[-counter-display-units {B|KB|MB|GB}] - Counter Display Units
Specifies display units for the counters. The default setting is MB.
[-display-count-exponent <integer>] - Display Count Exponent
Specifies display exponent value for the counters representing counts. The default setting is 3 (thousand).


The following example sets the value of the -display-rates parameter to false:
cluster1::*> statistics settings modify -display-rates false