volume file fingerprint dump

Display fingerprint of a file

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the admin privilege level.


The volume file fingerprint dump command displays the following information given the -session-id of the fingerprint operation:


{ [-fields <fieldname>, ...]
If you specify the -fields <fieldname>, ... parameter, the command output also includes the specified field or fields. You can use '-fields ?' to display the fields to specify.
| [-instance ]}
If you specify the -instance parameter, the command displays detailed information about all fields.
-session-id <integer> - Session ID of Fingerprint Operation
Specifies the session-id of the fingerprint operation whose output is to be displayed. It is a unique identifier for the fingerprint operation. This session-id is returned when the fingerprint operation is started on a file.


The following example displays the fingerprint information of the fingerprint session identified by session-id 17039367:

cluster1::> volume file fingerprint dump -session-id 17039367

                          Data Fingerprint:MOFJVevxNSJm3C/4Bn5oEEYH51CrudOzZYK4r5Cfy1g=
                      Metadata Fingerprint:8iMjqJXiNcqgXT5XuRhLiEwIrJEihDmwS0hrexnjgmc=
                     Fingerprint Algorithm:SHA256
                         Fingerprint Scope:data-and-metadata
                    Fingerprint Start Time:1460612586
          Formatted Fingerprint Start Time:Thu Apr 14 05:43:06 GMT 2016
                       Fingerprint Version:3
                          SnapLock License:available
                              Vserver UUID:acf7ae64-00d6-11e6-a027-0050569c55ae
                               Volume MSID:2152884007
                               Volume DSID:1028
                                  Filer ID:5f18eda2-00b0-11e6-914e-6fb45e537b8d
               Volume Containing Aggregate:slc_aggr
                              Aggregate ID:c84634aa-c757-4b98-8f07-eefe32565f67
           SnapLock System ComplianceClock:1460610635
 Formatted SnapLock System ComplianceClock:Thu Apr 14 05:10:35 GMT 2016
                      Volume SnapLock Type:compliance
                    Volume ComplianceClock:1460610635
          Formatted Volume ComplianceClock:Thu Apr 14 05:10:35 GMT 2016
                        Volume Expiry Date:1465880998
          Is Volume Expiry Date Wraparound:false
              Formatted Volume Expiry Date:Tue Jun 14 05:09:58 GMT 2016
                             Filesystem ID:1028
                                   File ID:96
                                 File Type:worm
                                 File Size:1048576
                             Creation Time:1460612515
                   Formatted Creation Time:Thu Apr 14 05:41:55 GMT 2016
                         Modification Time:1460612515
               Formatted Modification Time:Thu Apr 14 05:41:55 GMT 2016
                              Changed Time:1460610598
                Is Changed Time Wraparound:false
                    Formatted Changed Time:Thu Apr 14 05:09:58 GMT 2016
                            Retention Time:1465880998
              Is Retention Time Wraparound:false
                  Formatted Retention Time:Tue Jun 14 05:09:58 GMT 2016
                               Access Time:-
                     Formatted Access Time:-
                                  Owner ID:0
                                  Group ID:0
                                 Owner SID:-
                      Fingerprint End Time:1460612586
            Formatted Fingerprint End Time:Thu Apr 14 05:43:06 GMT 2016
                          Litigation Count:0