vserver export-policy cache flush

Flush the Export Caches

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The vserver export-policy cache flush command clears out the contents of the export policy caches for a Vserver. You might need to flush the caches to allow the changes to immediately take effect for your NFS clients because of: To flush the caches, you must specify the following items: You can optionally specify the following items: Note that the showmount cache is not used to determine NFS client access and as such is only flushable explicitly.


-vserver <vserver name> - Vserver
This parameter specifies the name of the Vserver on which you want to flush the caches.
[-node <nodename>] - Node
This parameter specifies the node on which you want to flush the access cache.
[-cache {all|access|host|id|name|netgroup|showmount|ip}] - Cache Name
This parameter specifies the name of the cache which you want to flush. Possible values include the following:
  • all - All caches but showmount. This is the default.
  • access - The export-policy rules access cache.
  • host - The host name to IP cache.
  • id - The ID to credential cache.
  • ip - The IP to host name cache.
  • name - The name to ID cache.
  • netgroup - The netgroup cache.
  • showmount - The showmount caches.


The following example flushes the access cache on a Vserver named vs0:
cluster1::> vserver export-policy cache flush -vserver vs0 -cache access