NVA-1165: Anthos with NetApp

Banu Sundhar and Suresh Thoppay, NetApp

This reference document provides deployment validation of the Anthos with NetApp solution by NetApp and our engineering partners when it is deployed in multiple data-center environments. It also details storage integration with NetApp storage systems by using the Astra Trident storage orchestrator for the management of persistent storage. Lastly, we explore and document a number of solution validations and real-world use cases.

Use cases

The Anthos with NetApp solution is architected to deliver exceptional value for customers with the following use cases:

  • Easy to deploy and manage Anthos environment deployed using the provided bmctl tool on bare metal or the gkectl tool on VMware vSphere.

  • Combined power of enterprise container and virtualized workloads with Anthos deployed virtually on vSphere or on bare metal with kubevirt.

  • Real-world configuration and use cases highlighting Anthos features when used with NetApp storage and Astra Trident, the open-source storage orchestrator for Kubernetes.

Business value

Enterprises are increasingly adopting DevOps practices to create new products, shorten release cycles, and rapidly add new features. Because of their innate agile nature, containers and microservices play a crucial role in supporting DevOps practices. However, practicing DevOps at a production scale in an enterprise environment presents its own challenges and imposes certain requirements on the underlying infrastructure, such as the following:

  • High availability at all layers in the stack

  • Ease of deployment procedures

  • Non-disruptive operations and upgrades

  • API-driven and programmable infrastructure to keep up with microservices agility

  • Multitenancy with performance guarantees

  • The ability to run virtualized and containerized workloads simultaneously

  • The ability to scale infrastructure independently based on workload demands

The Anthos with NetApp solution acknowledges these challenges and presents a solution that helps address each concern by implementing the fully automated deployment of Anthos on prem in the customer’s data center environment of choice.

Technology overview

The Anthos with NetApp solution is comprised of the following major components:

Anthos On Prem

Anthos On Prem is a fully supported enterprise Kubernetes platform that can be deployed in the VMware vSphere hypervisor, or on a bare metal infrastructure of your choosing.

For more information about Anthos, see the Anthos website located here.

NetApp storage systems

NetApp has several storage systems perfect for enterprise data centers and hybrid cloud deployments. The NetApp portfolio includes NetApp ONTAP, Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Cloud Volumes Service, Azure NetApp Files, FSxN for NetApp ONTAP storage systems, all of which can provide persistent storage for containerized applications.

For more information visit the NetApp website here.

NetApp storage integrations

Astra Trident is an open-source and fully-supported storage orchestrator for containers and Kubernetes distributions, including Anthos.

For more information, visit the Astra Trident website here.

Advanced configuration options

This section is dedicated to customizations that real world users would likely need to perform when deploying this solution into production, such as creating a dedicated private image registry or deploying custom load balancer instances.

Current support matrix for validated releases

See here for the support matrix for validated releases.