Displaying FabricPool mirror details

You can display details about a FabricPool mirror to see what object stores are in the configuration and whether the object store mirror is in sync with the primary object store.


Display information about a FabricPool mirror using the storage aggregate object-store show command.
This example displays the details about the primary and mirror object stores in a FabricPool mirror.
cluster1::> storage aggregate object-store show
Aggregate      Object Store Name Availability    Mirror Type
-------------- ----------------- -------------   ----------
aggr1          my-store-1        available       primary
               my-store-2        available       mirror
This example displays details about the FabricPool mirror, including whether the mirror is degraded due to a resync operation.
cluster1::> storage aggregate object-store show -fields mirror-type,is-mirror-degraded
aggregate      object-store-name mirror-type     is-mirror-degraded
-------------- ----------------- ------------- ------------------
aggr1          my-store-1        primary           -
               my-store-2        mirror          false