If giveback is vetoed

If giveback is vetoed, you must check the EMS messages to determine the cause. Depending on the reason or reasons, you can decide whether you can safely override the vetoes.

The storage failover show-giveback command displays the giveback progress and shows which subsystem vetoed the giveback, if any. Soft vetoes can be overridden, while hard vetoes cannot be, even if forced. The following tables summarize the soft vetoes that should not be overridden, along with recommended workarounds.

You can review the EMS details for any giveback vetoes by using the following command:event log show -node * -event gb*

Giveback of the root aggregate

These vetoes do not apply to aggregate relocation operations:

Vetoing subsystem module Workaround

Terminate the CIFS sessions causing the veto, or shutdown the CIFS application that established the open sessions.

Overriding this veto might cause the application using CIFS to disconnect abruptly and lose data.

Disk Check

All failed or bypassed disks should be removed before attempting giveback.

If disks are sanitizing, you should wait until the operation completes.

Overriding this veto might cause an outage caused by aggregates or volumes going offline due to reservation conflicts or inaccessible disks.

Giveback of SFO aggregates

Vetoing subsystem module Workaround
Lock Manager

Gracefully shutdown the CIFS applications that have open files, or move those volumes to a different aggregate.

Overriding this veto results in loss of CIFS lock state, causing disruption and data loss.

Lock Manager NDO

Wait until the locks are mirrored.

Overriding this veto causes disruption to Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines.


Check the EMS messages to determine the cause of the veto:

  • If the veto is due to nvfile, bring the offline volumes and aggregates online.
  • If disk add or disk ownership reassignment operations are in progress, wait until they complete.
  • If the veto is due to an aggregate name or UUID conflict, troubleshoot and resolve the issue.
  • If the veto is due to mirror resync, mirror verify, or offline disks, the veto can be overridden and the operation restarts after giveback.
Disk Inventory

Troubleshoot to identify and resolve the cause of the problem.

The destination node might be unable to see disks belonging to an aggregate being migrated.

Inaccessible disks can result in inaccessible aggregates or volumes.

Volume Move Operation

Troubleshoot to identify and resolve the cause of the problem.

This veto prevents the volume move operation from aborting during the important cutover phase. If the job is aborted during cutover, the volume might become inaccessible.