Deleting an ILM rule

To keep the list of current ILM rules manageable, delete any ILM rules that you are not likely to use.

Before you begin

About this task

You cannot delete an ILM rule if it is currently used in the active policy or in the proposed policy. If you need to delete an ILM rule that is used a policy, you must perform these steps first:
  1. Clone the active policy or edit the proposed policy.
  2. Remove the ILM rule from the policy.
  3. Save, simulate, and activate the new policy to make sure objects are protected as expected.


  1. Select ILM > Rules.
  2. Review the table entry for the rule you want to remove.
    Confirm that the rule is not used in the active ILM policy or the proposed ILM policy.
  3. If the rule you want to remove is not in use, select the radio button and select Remove.
  4. Select OK to confirm that you want to delete the ILM rule.
    The ILM rule is deleted.
    Note: If you delete a rule that is used in a historical policy, an Icon ILM Rule Historical icon appears for the rule when you view the policy, which indicates that the rule has become a historical rule.
    ILM Rule Historical