System requirements for installing or upgrading Tiebreaker software

The Tiebreaker software is installed on a third site, which allows the software to distinguish between an Inter-Switch Link (ISL) failure (when inter-site links are down) and a site failure. Your host system must meet certain requirements before you can install or upgrade the Tiebreaker software on your local computer to monitor the MetroCluster configuration.

The MetroCluster Tiebreaker software has the following monitoring capabilities and requirements:
  • No requirement for a special configuration for the different MetroCluster configurations.
  • Monitoring capabilities for up to 15 MetroCluster configurations simultaneously.
    Note: You should have only one MetroCluster Tiebreaker monitor per MetroCluster configuration to avoid any conflict with multiple Tiebreaker monitors.
  • Support for a combination of MetroCluster IP, MetroCluster FC, and stretch MetroCluster configurations.