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ONTAP MetroCluster

Recovering from a multi-controller or storage failure

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If the controller failure extends to all controller modules on one side of a DR group in a MetroCluster configuration (including a single controller in a two-node MetroCluster configuration), or storage has been replaced, you must replace the equipment and reassign ownership of drives to recover from the disaster.

  • You should review the available recovery procedures before deciding to use this procedure.

  • The disaster site must be fenced off.

  • Switchover must have been performed.

  • Replacement drives and the controller modules must be new and must not have been assigned ownership previously.

  • The examples in this procedure show two or four-node configurations. If you have an eight-node configuration (two DR groups), you must take into account any failures and perform the required recovery task on the additional controller modules.

This procedure uses the following workflow:

workflow smoking crater recovery

This procedure can be used when performing recovery on a system that was in mid-transition when the failure occurred. In that case, you must perform the appropriate steps when preparing for switchback, as indicated in the procedure.