Platform port assignments for Cisco 3232C or Cisco 9336C switches

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The port usage in a MetroCluster IP configuration depends on the switch model and platform type.

Review these considerations before using the tables:

  • The following tables show the port usage for site A. The same cabling is used for site B.

  • The switches cannot be configured with ports of different speeds (for example, a mix of 100 Gbps ports and 40 Gbps ports).

  • If you are configuring a single MetroCluster with the switches, use the MetroCluster 1 port group.

    Keep track of the MetroCluster port group (MetroCluster 1, MetroCluster 2, or MetroCluster 3). You will need it when using the RcfFileGenerator tool as described later in this configuration procedure.

  • The RcfFileGenerator for MetroCluster IP also provides a per-port cabling overview for each switch.

    Use this cabling overview to verify your cabling.

Cabling two MetroCluster configurations to the switches

When cabling more than one MetroCluster configuration to a Cisco 3132Q-V switch, you must cable each MetroCluster according to the appropriate table. For example, if cabling a FAS2750 and an AFF A700 to the same Cisco 3132Q-V switch. Then you cable the FAS2750 as per "MetroCluster 1" in Table 1, and the AFF A700 as per "MetroCluster 2" or "MetroCluster 3" in Table 2. You cannot physically cable both the FAS2750 and the AFF A700 as "MetroCluster 1".

Cabling an AFF A150, FAS2750, AFF A220, FAS500f, AFF C250 or AFF A250 to a Cisco 3232C or Cisco 9336-FX2C switch

mcc ip cabling a150 a220 a250 to a cisco 3232c or cisco 9336c switch

Cabling a FAS8200 or an AFF A300 to a Cisco 3232C or Cisco 9336C switch

mcc ip cabling a aff a300 or fas8200 to a cisco 3232c or cisco 9336c switch

Cabling an AFF A320, FAS8300, AFF C400, AFF A400, FAS8700, FAS9000, AFF A700, AFF C800, AFF A800, FAS9500 or AFF A900

mcc ip cabling a320 a400 a700 a800 a900  cisco 3232C or 9336c switch

Cabling an AFF A320, AFF C400, AFF A400, AFF A700, AFF C800, or AFF A800 to a Cisco 9336C-FX2 shared switch

mcc ip cabling aff a320 c400 a400 a700 c800 a800 to cisco 9336c shared switch revised