Cabling the HA interconnect

If you have an eight- or a four-node MetroCluster configuration and the storage controllers within the HA pairs are in separate chassis, you must cable the HA interconnect between the controllers.

About this task
  • This task does not apply to two-node MetroCluster configurations.

  • This task must be performed at both MetroCluster sites.

  • The HA interconnect must be cabled only if the storage controllers within the HA pair are in separate chassis.

    Some storage controller models support two controllers in a single chassis, in which case they use an internal HA interconnect.

  1. Cable the HA interconnect if the storage controller’s HA partner is in a separate chassis.

  2. If the MetroCluster site includes two HA pairs, repeat the previous steps on the second HA pair.

  3. Repeat this task at the MetroCluster partner site.