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ONTAP MetroCluster

Example of switch zoning in an eight-node MetroCluster configuration with array LUNs

Contributors netapp-thomi

Switch zoning defines paths between connected nodes. Configuring the zoning enables you to define which array LUNs can be viewed by specific ONTAP systems.

An eight-node MetroCluster configuration consists of two four-node DR groups. The first DR group consists of the following nodes:

  • controller_A_1

  • controller_A_2

  • controller_B_1

  • controller_B_2

The second DR group consists of the following nodes:

  • controller_A_3

  • controller_A_4

  • controller_B_3

  • controller_B_4

To configure the switch zoning, you can use the zoning examples for a four-node MetroCluster configuration for the first DR group.

To configure zoning for the second DR group, follow the same examples and requirements for the FC initiator ports and array LUNs belonging to the controllers in the second DR group.

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