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ONTAP MetroCluster

Configuring FC-to-SAS bridges for health monitoring

Contributors netapp-thomi netapp-aoife

Learn how to configure the FC-to-SAS bridges for health monitoring.

About this task
  • Third-party SNMP monitoring tools are not supported for FibreBridge bridges.

  • Beginning with ONTAP 9.8, FC-to-SAS bridges are monitored via in-band connections by default, and additional configuration is not required.

Note Beginning with ONTAP 9.8, the storage bridge command is replaced with system bridge. The following steps show the storage bridge command, but if you are running ONTAP 9.8 or later, the system bridge command is preferred.
  1. From the ONTAP cluster prompt, add the bridge to health monitoring:

    1. Add the bridge, using the command for your version of ONTAP:

      ONTAP version


      9.5 and later

      storage bridge add -address -managed-by in-band -name bridge-name

      9.4 and earlier

      storage bridge add -address bridge-ip-address -name bridge-name

    2. Verify that the bridge has been added and is properly configured:

      storage bridge show

      It might take as long as 15 minutes to reflect all data because of the polling interval. The ONTAP health monitor can contact and monitor the bridge if the value in the "Status" column is "ok", and other information, such as the worldwide name (WWN), is displayed.

      The following example shows that the FC-to-SAS bridges are configured:

      controller_A_1::> storage bridge show
      Bridge              Symbolic Name Is Monitored  Monitor Status  Vendor Model                Bridge WWN
      ------------------  ------------- ------------  --------------  ------ -----------------    ----------
      ATTO_10.10.20.10  atto01        true          ok              Atto   FibreBridge 7500N   	20000010867038c0
      ATTO_10.10.20.11  atto02        true          ok              Atto   FibreBridge 7500N   	20000010867033c0
      ATTO_10.10.20.12  atto03        true          ok              Atto   FibreBridge 7500N   	20000010867030c0
      ATTO_10.10.20.13  atto04        true          ok              Atto   FibreBridge 7500N   	2000001086703b80
      4 entries were displayed