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ONTAP MetroCluster

Example naming in this procedure

Contributors netapp-thomi NetAppZacharyWambold

This procedure uses example names throughout to identify the DR groups, nodes, and switches involved.

DR groups

cluster_A at site_A

cluster_B at site_B


  • node_A_1-FC

  • node_A_2-FC

  • node_B_1-FC

  • node_B_2-FC


  • node_A_3-IP

  • node_A_4-IP

  • node_B_3-IP

  • node_B_4-IP


Initial switches (if fabric-attached configuration:)

  • switch_A_1-FC

  • switch_A_2-FC

MetroCluster IP switches:

  • switch_A_1-IP

  • switch_A_2-IP

Initial switches (if fabric-attached configuration):

  • switch_B_1-FC

  • switch_B_2-FC

MetroCluster IP switches:

  • switch_B_1-IP

  • switch_B_2-IP