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ONTAP MetroCluster

Parts of a two-node SAS-attached stretch MetroCluster configuration

Contributors netapp-jtures

The two-node MetroCluster SAS-attached configuration requires a number of parts, including two single-node clusters in which the storage controllers are directly connected to the storage using SAS cables.

The MetroCluster configuration includes the following key hardware elements:

  • Storage controllers

    The storage controllers connect directly to the storage using SAS cables.

    Each storage controller is configured as a DR partner to a storage controller on the partner site.

    • Copper SAS cables can be used for shorter distances.

    • Optical SAS cables can be used for longer distances.

      Note In systems using E-Series array LUNs, the storage controllers can be directly connected to the E-Series storage arrays. For other array LUNs, connections via FC switches are required.

      In the IMT, you can use the Storage Solution field to select your MetroCluster solution. You use the Component Explorer to select the components and ONTAP version to refine your search. You can click Show Results to display the list of supported configurations that match the criteria.

  • Cluster peering network

    The cluster peering network provides connectivity for mirroring of the storage virtual machine (SVM) configuration. The configuration of all SVMs on one cluster is mirrored to the partner cluster.