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ONTAP MetroCluster

Cabling storage arrays to FC switches in a MetroCluster configuration

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You must connect storage arrays to FC switches so that the ONTAP systems in the MetroCluster configuration can access a specific array LUN through at least two paths.

Before you begin
  • The storage arrays must be set up to present array LUNs to ONTAP.

  • The ONTAP controllers must be connected to the FC switches.

  • The ISLs must be cabled between the FC switches across the MetroCluster sites.

  • You must repeat this task for each storage array at both of the MetroCluster sites.

  • You must connect the controllers in a MetroCluster configuration to the storage arrays through FC switches.

  1. Connect the storage array ports to FC switch ports.

    At each site, connect the redundant port pairs in the storage array to FC switches on alternate fabrics. This provides redundancy in the paths for accessing the array LUNs.

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