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ONTAP MetroCluster

Hot-adding a SAS disk shelf in a direct-attached MetroCluster FC configuration using SAS optical cables


You can use SAS optical cables to hot-add a SAS disk shelf to an existing stack of SAS disk shelves in a direct-attached MetroCluster FC configuration, or as a new stack to a SAS HBA or an onboard SAS port on the controller.

  • This procedure is nondisruptive and takes approximately two hours to complete.

  • You need the admin password and access to an FTP or SCP server.

  • If you are adding an IOM12 shelf to a stack of IOM6 shelves, see Hot-adding IOM12 shelves to a stack of IOM6 shelves.

This task applies to a MetroCluster FC configuration in which the storage is connected directly to the storage controllers with SAS cables. It does not apply to MetroCluster FC configurations using FC-to-SAS bridges or FC switch fabrics.

  1. Follow the instructions for hot-adding a SAS disk shelf in the Installation Guide for your disk shelf model to perform the following tasks to hot-add a disk shelf:

    1. Install a disk shelf for a hot-add.

    2. Turn on the power supplies and set the shelf ID for a hot-add.

    3. Cable the hot-added disk shelf.

    4. Verify SAS connectivity.