Cabling the controllers to each other and the storage shelves

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The controller FC-VI adapters must be cabled directly to each other. The controller SAS ports must be cabled to both the remote and local storage stacks.

This task must be performed on both MetroCluster sites.

  1. Cable the FC-VI ports.

    mcc cabling fc vi controller to partner

    The above illustration is representative. The specific FC-VI ports vary by controller module.

    • FAS8200 and AFF A300 controller modules can be ordered with one of two options for FC-VI connectivity:

      • Onboard ports 0e and 0f configured in FC-VI mode.

      • Ports 1a and 1b on an FC-VI card in slot 1.

    • AFF A700 and FAS9000 storage systems controller modules use four FC-VI ports each.

    • AFF A400 and FAS8300 storage system controller modules use FC-VI ports 2a and 2b.

  2. Cable the SAS ports.

    The following illustration shows the connections. Your port usage might be different, depending on the available SAS and FC-VI ports on the controller module.

    mcc two node optical sas space configuration