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ONTAP MetroCluster

Verifying port configuration (MetroCluster FC configurations only)

Contributors netapp-thomi netapp-pcarriga

You must set the environmental variables on the node and then power it off to prepare it for MetroCluster configuration.

About this task

This procedure is performed with the replacement controller modules in Maintenance mode.

The steps to check configuration of ports is needed only on systems in which FC or CNA ports are used in initiator mode.

  1. In Maintenance mode, restore the FC port configuration:

    ucadmin modify -m fc -t initiatoradapter_name

    If you only want to use one of a port pair in the initiator configuration, enter a precise adapter name.

  2. Take one of the following actions, depending on your configuration:

    If the FC port configuration is…​


    The same for both ports

    Answer “y” when prompted by the system, because modifying one port in a port pair also modifies the other port.


    1. Answer “n” when prompted by the system.

    2. Restore the FC port configuration:

    ucadmin modify -m fc -t initiator|targetadapter_name

  3. Exit Maintenance mode:


    After you issue the command, wait until the system stops at the LOADER prompt.

  4. Boot the node back into Maintenance mode for the configuration changes to take effect:

    boot_ontap maint

  5. Verify the values of the variables:

    ucadmin show

  6. Exit Maintenance mode and display the LOADER prompt: