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ONTAP MetroCluster

Upgrading firmware on MetroCluster IP switches

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You might need to upgrade the firmware on a MetroCluster IP switch.

You must repeat this task on each of the switches in succession.

  1. Check the health of the configuration.

    1. Check that the MetroCluster is configured and in normal mode on each cluster:

      metrocluster show

      cluster_A::> metrocluster show
      Cluster                   Entry Name          State
      ------------------------- ------------------- -----------
       Local: cluster_A         Configuration state configured
                                Mode                normal
                                AUSO Failure Domain auso-on-cluster-disaster
      Remote: cluster_B         Configuration state configured
                                Mode                normal
                                AUSO Failure Domain auso-on-cluster-disaster
    2. Check that mirroring is enabled on each node:

      metrocluster node show

      cluster_A::> metrocluster node show
      DR                           Configuration  DR
      Group Cluster Node           State          Mirroring Mode
      ----- ------- -------------- -------------- --------- --------------------
      1     cluster_A
                    node_A_1       configured     enabled   normal
                    node_B_1       configured     enabled   normal
      2 entries were displayed.
    3. Check that the MetroCluster components are healthy:

      metrocluster check run

      cluster_A::> metrocluster check run
      Last Checked On: 10/1/2014 16:03:37
      Component           Result
      ------------------- ---------
      nodes               ok
      lifs                ok
      config-replication  ok
      aggregates          ok
      4 entries were displayed.
      Command completed. Use the "metrocluster check show -instance" command or sub-commands in "metrocluster check" directory for detailed results.
      To check if the nodes are ready to do a switchover or switchback operation, run "metrocluster switchover -simulate" or "metrocluster switchback -simulate", respectively.
    4. Check that there are no health alerts:

      system health alert show

  2. Install the software on the first switch.

    Note You must install the switch software on the switches in the following order: switch_A_1, switch_B_1, switch_A_2, switch_B_2.

    Follow the steps for installing switch software in the relevant topic depending on whether the switch type is Broadcom, Cisco, or NVIDIA:

  3. Repeat the previous step for each of the switches.

  4. Repeat Step 1 to check the health of the configuration.