Configuring the ONTAP Mediator service from a MetroCluster IP configuration

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The ONTAP Mediator service must be configured on the ONTAP node for use in a MetroCluster IP configuration.

Before you begin

  • The ONTAP Mediator must have been successfully installed on a network location that can be reached by both MetroCluster sites.

  • You must have the IP address of the host running the ONTAP Mediator service.

  • You must have the username and password for the ONTAP Mediator service.

  • All nodes of the MetroCluster IP configuration must be online.

About this task

  • This task enables automatic unplanned switchover by default.

  • This task can be performed on the ONTAP interface of any node in the MetroCluster IP configuration.

  • A single installation of the ONTAP Mediator service can be configured with up to five MetroCluster IP configurations.


  1. Add the ONTAP Mediator service to ONTAP using the following command: metrocluster configuration-settings mediator add -mediator-address ip-address-of-mediator-host

    Note: You will be prompted for the username and password for the Mediator admin user account.

  2. Verify that the automatic switchover feature in enabled: metrocluster show

  3. Verify that the Mediator is now running.

    Run: storage disk show -container-type mediator
    ClusterA::> storage disk show -container-type mediator
                           Usable           Disk    Container   Container
    Disk                   Size Shelf Bay Type    Type        Name      Owner
    ---------------- ---------- ----- --- ------- ----------- --------- --------
    NET-1.5                   -     -   - VMDISK  mediator    -         ClusterA-02
    NET-1.6                   -     -   - VMDISK  mediator    -         ClusterB-01
    NET-1.7                   -     -   - VMDISK  mediator    -         ClusterB-02
    NET-1.8                   -     -   - VMDISK  mediator    -         ClusterA-01
    Run the following command: set advanced
    ClusterA::> set advanced
    Run: storage iscsi-initiator show -label mediator
    ClusterA::*> storage iscsi-initiator show -label mediator
      (storage iscsi-initiator show)
    Node Type Label    Target Portal      Target Name                      Admin/Op
    ---- ---- -------- ------------------ -------------------------------- --------
              mediator 00a098cbca9e:1 up/up
              mediator up/up