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ONTAP MetroCluster

Verifying a successful switchback

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After performing the switchback, you want to confirm that all aggregates and storage virtual machines (SVMs) are switched back and online.

  1. Verify that the switched-over data aggregates are switched back:

    storage aggregate show

    In the following example, aggr_b2 on node B2 has switched back:

    node_B_1::> storage aggregate show
    Aggregate     Size Available Used% State   #Vols  Nodes            RAID Status
    --------- -------- --------- ----- ------- ------ ---------------- ------------
    aggr_b2    227.1GB   227.1GB    0% online       0 node_B_2   raid_dp,
  2. Verify that all sync-destination SVMs on the surviving cluster are dormant (showing an admin state of “stopped”) and the sync-source SVMs on the disaster cluster are up and running:

    vserver show -subtype sync-source

    node_B_1::> vserver show -subtype sync-source
                                   Admin      Root                       Name    Name
    Vserver     Type    Subtype    State      Volume     Aggregate       Service Mapping
    ----------- ------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------      ------- -------
    vs1a        data    sync-source
                                   running    vs1a_vol   node_B_2        file    file
    node_A_1::> vserver show -subtype sync-destination
                                   Admin      Root                         Name    Name
    Vserver            Type    Subtype    State      Volume     Aggregate  Service Mapping
    -----------        ------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ------- -------
    cluster_A-vs1a-mc  data    sync-destination
                                          stopped    vs1a_vol   sosb_      file    file

    Sync-destination aggregates in the MetroCluster configuration have the suffix “-mc” automatically appended to their name to help identify them.

  3. Confirm that the switchback operations succeeded by using the metrocluster operation show command.

    If the command output shows…​


    That the switchback operation state is successful.

    The switchback process is complete and you can proceed with operation of the system.

    That the switchback operation or switchback-continuation-agent operation is partially successful.

    Perform the suggested fix provided in the output of the metrocluster operation show command.

You must repeat the previous sections to perform the switchback in the opposite direction. If site_A did a switchover of site_B, have site_B do a switchover of site_A.