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ONTAP MetroCluster

Installing licenses for the new controller module

Contributors netapp-aoife netapp-thomi

You must add licenses for the new controller module for any ONTAP services that require standard (node-locked) licenses. For features with standard licenses, each node in the cluster must have its own key for the feature.

For detailed information about licensing, see the knowledgebase article 3013749: Data ONTAP 8.2 Licensing Overview and References on the NetApp Support Site and the System Administration Reference.

  1. If necessary, obtain license keys for the new node on the NetApp Support Site in the My Support section under Software licenses.

    For further information on license replacements, see the Knowledge Base article Post Motherboard Replacement Process to update Licensing on a AFF/FAS system.

  2. Issue the following command to install each license key:

    system license add -license-code license_key

    The license_key is 28 digits in length.

  3. Repeat this step for each required standard (node-locked) license.