Enabling storage failover on both controller modules and enabling cluster HA

After adding new controller modules to the MetroCluster configuration, you must enable storage failover on both controller modules and separately enable cluster HA.

Before you begin

The MetroCluster configuration must have previously been refreshed using the metrocluster configure -refresh true command.

About this task

This task must be performed on each MetroCluster site.

  1. Enable storage failover:

    storage failover modify -enabled true -node existing-node-name

    The single command enables storage failover on both controller modules.

  2. Verify that storage failover is enabled:

    storage failover show

    The output should be similar to the following:

    Node           Partner        Possible State Description
    -------------- -------------- -------- ----------------------
    old-ctlr        new-ctlr      true      Connected to new-ctlr
    new-ctlr        old-ctlr      true      Connected to old-ctlr
    2 entries were displayed.
  3. Enable cluster HA:

    cluster ha modify -configured true

    Cluster high availability (HA) must be configured in a cluster if it contains only two nodes and it differs from the HA provided by storage failover.