Considerations for using ONTAP Mediator or MetroCluster Tiebreaker

Starting with ONTAP 9.7, you can use either the ONTAP Mediator-assisted automatic unplanned switchover (MAUSO) in the MetroCluster IP configuration or you can use the MetroCluster Tiebreaker software. Only one of the two services can be used with the MetroCluster IP configuration.

The different MetroCluster configurations perform automatic switchover under different circumstances:

MetroCluster FC configurations using the AUSO capability (not present in MetroCluster IP configurations)
In these configurations, AUSO is initiated if controllers fail but the storage (and bridges, if present) remain operational.
MetroCluster IP configurations using the ONTAP Mediator service (ONTAP 9.7 and later)
In these configurations, MAUSO is initiated in the same circumstances as AUSO, as described above, and also after a complete site failure (controllers, storage, and switches).
Note: MAUSO is initiated only if nonvolatile cache mirroring (DR mirroring) and SyncMirror plex mirroring is in sync at the time of the failure.
MetroCluster IP or FC configurations using the Tiebreaker software in active mode

In these configurations, the Tiebreaker initiates unplanned switchover after a complete site failure.

Before using the Tiebreaker software, review the Tiebreaker Software Installation and Configuration Guide.

MetroCluster Tiebreaker Software Installation and Configuration Guide