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Snapdrive for Unix

Increase in storage size using SnapDrive for UNIX


SnapDrive for UNIX lets you increase the size of the storage system volume group or disk group. You use the snapdrive storage resize command to do this.

Note This command does not let you resize host volumes or file systems. For example, you cannot use the resize command to change the size of a file system on a LUN. You need to use the LVM commands to resize host volumes and file systems after you have resized the underlying disk group.

You can put the storage resize operations into the following general categories:

  • Setting a target size in bytes to which you want to increase the storage

  • Specifying a number of bytes by which you want to increase the storage

SnapDrive for UNIX adds a system-generated LUN. If you specify an amount by which you want to increase the storage, such as 50 MB, it makes the LUN 50 MB. If you specify a target size for the storage, it calculates the difference between the current size and the target size. The difference becomes the size of the LUN it then creates.