SnapDrive for UNIX command displays could not check access error

Contributors netapp-ivanad

SnapDrive for UNIX may display error when it does have proper write access on the storage object.

It displays the following error message:

0002-332 Admin error: Could not check SD.Storage.Write access on LUN storage_array1:/vol/vol1/lun1for user unix-host\root
 on Operations Manager server(s) ops-mngr-server1 reason: Invalid resource specified.  Unable to find its Id on Operations Manager server ops-mngr-server1

The solution for this problem is to:

  1. Verify that the storage resource is refreshed on Operations Manager. If storage resource is not refreshed on Operations Manager, then

    • Manually execute dfm host discover <storage-system>.

    • Assign {Global, DFM.Database.Write} capability to sd-admin

      In this case, SnapDrive for UNIX automatically refresh Operations Manager and reissue access check.

The default refresh interval used by SnapDrive for UNIX is 15 seconds (dfm-rbac-retry-sleep-secs) and the default number of retries used by SnapDrive for UNIX is 12 (dfm-rbac-retries). If you still receive the above error message, then increase the value of dfm-rbac-retries configuration variable to 14, 16, 18…​ and so on to match your environment. The refresh interval required by Operations Manager depends on the number of LUNs and volumes you have in your storage system.