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Snapdrive for Unix

Operation with a single filespec on a single storage object


SnapDrive for UNIX displays an error message when you are not an authorized user to create a filespec on a specified volume.

Filespec: Filespec can be a file system, host volume, disk group, or LUN.

[john]$ snapdrive storage create -fs /mnt/testfs -filervol storage_array1:/vol/vol1 -dgsize 100m
0002-332 Admin error:SD.Storage.Write access denied on volume storage_array1:/vol/vol1 for user unix_host\john on Operations Manager server ops_mngr_server

In this example, John is a nonroot user and is not authorized to create a filespec on the specified volume. John must ask the Operations Manager console administrator to grant SD.Storage.Write access on the volume storage_array1:/vol/vol1.