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Snapdrive for Unix

Guidelines for Snapshot copy creation in a host cluster environment


Creating Snapshot copies with SnapDrive for UNIX is supported in some environment, but not in some. See the guidelines to know more.

  • SnapDrive for UNIX can create Snapshot copies of disk groups and file systems that are shared with a host cluster partner in the Veritas SFRAC 4.1 environment.

  • The Snapshot create operation can be invoked from any node in the host cluster.

  • The multiple file systems and disk groups that are specified in this operation should have the same scope: that is, either all should be shared or all should be dedicated.

  • An NFS file system in cluster-wide shared mode is not supported, but an NFS file system in dedicated mode in host clustered nodes is supported.

  • File systems are not supported on raw LUNs.